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Dec 9, 2016

Visualize SEO Data with Slemma's Moz Integration

Those in the business of monitoring and tracking SEO know how important it is to always have access to their data. When the ranking of a web page can change in an instant, having updated, visual SEO metrics can help marketers quickly identify and fix problems. Having understood this need for both marketers and SEO experts alike, the Slemma team decided to create a Moz integration.

Moz is one of the leading developers of inbound marketing software. Their sophisticated SEO tools enables users to optimize their website for discovery, engage in relevant social media conversations and create content that people love. In addition to providing robust APIs for link data and social influence, Moz hosts a giant community of online marketers.

By connecting their Moz data with their Slemma account, users can now visualize their SEO data easier than ever before. With features such as Slemma’s automatic dashboard refresh and dashboard inbox delivery, Moz users will always stay up-to-date on changes to their SEO performance.

Moz users can now pull these datasets directly into Slemma to create simple, visual reports that automatically update. Some of the Moz datasets include ‘URL Metrics’ which compare a user’s company URL against competitor URLs, ‘Anchor Text Metrics’ that contains information about anchor text for inbound links, and the ‘Links’ dataset which provides information about a target URL and other various pages and domains.

Slemma’s Moz integration also comes fully stocked with pre-built templates to help users get up and running as quickly as possible. Some of the templates available to Moz users include:

  1. MozRank by Canonical URLs -  A report that monitors your MozRank and compares it to your competitors to ensure that you have high-quality incoming links.

  2. Page Authority vs. Domain Authority - A chart that tracks domain and page authority, compares it with competitors and predicts how well a website will rank on search engines.

  3. Total External Links by Canonical URLs - A report that monitors the number of external links to a user’s  website and compare it with competitors URLs.

Agencies and app developers who use Mozcape API will benefit from Slemma’s embedding or white label solutions that allow more customization for branding and dashboard hosting.

Moz users that try Slemma’s free 14 day trial will be able to connect and visualize their SEO data in minutes. Slemma’s data dashboards can be shared with both customers and clients alike in addition to, being able to be viewed on virtually any device.

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