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Dec 4, 2016

Slemma Debuts New Interface + Chart Editor!

Today the Slemma team is proud to announce the debut of our brand new and improved user interface!

Our developers and designers have been hard at work these last few months to make both chart and dashboard creation easier for our customers. It is our hope that this new interface will not only improve our overall user experience, but make data visualization even more accessible to anyone who wants to gain valuable insight into their business data!

Here’s a rundown of the new features and improvements we made:

The Chart Wizard

One of the biggest changes we made was improve the design and flow of our powerful chart editor tool, now named the Chart Wizard.

With the Chart Wizard, we’ve completely streamlined the process of chart creation. Instead of providing our users with a blank canvas on which to create their reports, we’ve created a seamless step-by-step wizard that turns bulky datasets into simple, easy-to-understand visualizations with just a few clicks. 

The wizard breaks down chart creation step-by-step to make sure no important steps get skipped when creating a visualization. This will cut chart and dashboard creation time in half, a perk both current and new customers are sure to enjoy.

Enable Chart Creation on Mobile

With Slemma’s new user interface, creating charts on mobile is easier than ever before! Simply open up your tablet and login to Slemma on any major web browser. The new Chart Wizard is configured to fit any tablet so users can access, and edit their dashboards on-the-go.

Brand New Style Templates

Our new style templates enable users to save any color scheme they create as a template. Users can apply stylized templates to any new chart they create in the Chart Wizard Not only does this save time, but it also ensures that all charts meet branding guidelines.

Improved Multi-Metric Charts

Prior to introducing the new Chart Wizard, Slemma users had to use the Measure Names dimension when creating certain charts that visualized several measures. With the new user interface, the process of selecting multiple measures for multi-centric charts is more intuitive and easier to understand.

To experience Slemma’s new interface for yourself, simply login to your account. Or, click here to begin your 14-day free trial. If you have any questions, members of our support team are ready to help you!

Happy Dashboarding!

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