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Oct 11, 2016

Slemma: A Dasheroo Alternative

On Monday, October 3rd, Dasheroo announced they were closed for new business. Undoubtedly, this was a sad day for both Dasheroo and their thousands of customers. As a SaaS company ourselves, we know how much work goes into creating a great product and maintaining a loyal customer base. Dasheroo was a formidable competitor and a worthy adversary; we wish the entire team luck and success in their future endeavors.

As Dasheroo users search for a new way to visualize their data, we’d like to present Slemma as a comparable solution. Like Dasheroo, we’re a data visualization tool that seamlessly connects to all of your preferred cloud solutions, allowing you to visualize your most important data in minutes. We’re a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to constantly improve our product and deliver the best customer service.

Here are some things Slemma has to offer:

Slemma Data Dashboard

Pre-built Templates + Chart Editor. 

Similar to Dasheroo, we’ve created dozens of templates with KPI insights that allow users to visualize their third-party data in minutes. When you create an integration in Slemma, you’ll be presented with a list of templates that have been created with you and your data in mind.

Conversely, Slemma’s chart editor allows users to fully customize their data dashboards. Create charts and arrange your dashboard to your liking with simple drag and drop functionality. Slemma’s dashboard customization enables users to tell a story with their data, a story that’s tailored to their unique business.

Data Blending. (a.k.a. “Insight Mashups”)

Similar to Dasheroo’s “Insight Mashups”, Slemma’s Data Blending feature allows you to combine data from multiple data sources in one chart by means of a common dimension. Compare different sources to gain valuable insights and discover hidden correlations within your data.

Growing List of Connectors.

Slemma currently integrates with 64 cloud software solutions, and that list is growing at an exponential rate. We work directly with beta testers to create popular, connector-based templates so users can visualize their third party data in minutes.

Slemma can also visualize custom data from Google sheets, databases and files. Users can create both calculations and aggregations right within their Slemma data dashboard.


Slemma makes it easy to share updates and dashboards with team members and clients alike. Within Slemma you can create a team that includes both colleagues and clients. Grant team members read-only or edit access with permissions inside Slemma. You can even share dashboards via a direct link, or subscribe team members to automated .pdf reports sent right to their emails.

Live Support.

Have a question? No problem. Slemma team members are at the ready 24/7 to answer your most pressing data questions. No problem is too big (or too small).

Presentation Mode.

Slemma allows users to create slide shows with live charts and visualizations right inside the platform. Users can quickly, and efficiently, reference dashboards when presenting to clients or team members.

Slemma offers affordable plans for all types of businesses and use cases. Whether you’re an agency tracking KPIs for different clients, or a Fortune 500 company with truckloads of data, Slemma can help you generate visualizations that are essential to the success of your business.

Dasheroo users are invited to test out Slemma with our 14-day free trial. Those who proceed to purchase our small business plan will receive 50% their first 3 months.

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