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Jul 13, 2016

Highlighting Features of Update

Today Slemma has rolled out an update, and there are cool new features! Slemma is constantly looking for ways to improve on its modern design and easy-to-use components. With this update, the biggest change to the layout is the addition of the navigation menu.

Here are details on the new changes…


Our new sidebar makes it easy to navigate and locate any dashboard, dataset, or integration in the app. Click the icon in the upper left hand corner to access the sidebar.

Slemma's 'all my files' navigation menu has all the features you need to visualize your data and share it with your team and clients.

Among the features in the new sidebar, you’ll notice the Activity tab. This feature allows you to see what work has been done among your team. This is a great way to monitor the progress/development of a dashboard!

Slemma’s new sidebar makes creating something new in the app simple and intuitive. Once you click on a tab, to get started just click the big red button in the bottom right hand corner.


Taking the first step in building a dashboard or creating an integration is easy... Just hit that big red button!

When you click the big red button a submenu will appear.

Create an integration, work with an existing dashboard, or build a presentation. 

The Slemma team is continually trying to find new ways to improve our user's experience. If you have any questions check out our knowledge base articles.

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