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Apr 6, 2016

Product Updates!

We have new updates for you!

At Slemma, we’ve been working hard to bring you the best and most intuitive features you can use to work with your data. We are excited to announce our new features AND connectors that will bring you more insight than ever before.


You spoke, and we heard you. When working with data from Jira, we have made it so that users can view their data based on sprints. The newly added Sprint dimension allows users to measure and visualize their data with the importance of agile development in mind, by gauging how their team is performing from sprint to sprint.

We’ve also added filters for column tables (excluding Mixpanel, GA, and New Relic) for all data sources not just imported datasets.

Presentations are here! In Slemma you can instantly tell a story with your data in our new Presentations tool. The feature allows you to use saved charts directly from your dashboards. You can also filter your data live all during Presentations. That means you don’t have to use an outside powerpoint tool to present your data; you can do it all in Slemma.

Chart Templates
We now have over 60 chart templates for some of our new SaaS connectors (Stripe, Mailchimp, Mixpanel, Slack, Google Analytics, Zendesk). These ready-to-use charts automatically ingest your dataset and fill in the blanks for you. The templates are available as a shortcut to a chart you may need.

Cloud storage Data Refresh
You now have the ability to refresh data from cloud storage when the structure of the table has been changed (add/remove columns, new titles). To refresh the table, navigate to dataset editor>>data>>update filed list from cloud. This reloads not only the values, but the entire structure of the table. This has to be done manually (not scheduled). After that, the AutoRefresh feature will update data (values) according to the new structure of the table. Note that once the structure is changed, existing charts can brake (for ex., if charts use the columns which have been removed or titles have been changed).


Slemma has five new connectors to bring you even more data to work with in your dashboards. Users can pull their data from Mixpanel, Mailchimp, Intercom, Smartsheet, and Zendesk.

  • Mixpanel: a tool for web and mobile analytics to keep track of user interaction within your apps
  • Mailchimp: an email marketing services to create, send, and track your emails all in one place
  • Intercom: a customer communication platform to help your team provide support, marketing, and feedback
  • SmartSheet: this online project management tool allows your team to collaborate effectively
  • Zendesk: a cloud-based customer service and support ticket software to help you manage and improve your business relationships

We hope you are as excited about our new updates as we are! Tell us what you think and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about getting started.

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