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Mar 30, 2016

Why Data Integration is Important for Business Success

Do you have a game plan for data integration? If your answer is no, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. So many businesses and organizations are completely unaware of how data integration can be beneficial for them. Regardless of whether you have a strategy or not, you should consider evolving data trends and how your strategy will scale to handle expanding volumes of data from several sources.

Data integration provides a way to close deals faster, increase revenue, and create deep-seated roots within accounts. Integration is crucial to data processes such as: marketing automation, big data analytics, cloud integration, and business intelligence; and here’s why.

Marketing Automation

In the world of marketing, data integration is everything and more. You have data coming from several sources such as, sales, social media, online searches, and more. So marketers need a course of action to integrate their offline and online data.

Businesses and organizations need hubs that combine data from all their customer data sources, to allow them to make the best possible business decisions. Not to mention this will help oversee customer relationships more adequately. Integration for marketers means better conversions, customer insights, and improved customer retention.

Big Data Analytics

“Big data” is unstructured and structured data that comes from many different sources. Without integration it will hard to manage the movement of all of this from one storage to another. Check out our Fivetran article if you’re looking for a solution that will grab all your data to help you move it to one single storage warehouse. If you have the right integration technology you can perform analytics faster, and in turn gain important business insights.   

Cloud Integration

So many are utilizing cloud storages for their data such as Amazon Web Services. If you are, you need to synchronize that data and use integration to maintain that the data is consistent without the process. Without integration there is a chance of another silo of data being created and thus leading to inconsistencies in your work.

Business Intelligence

Data integration is important to agile business intelligence. The secret here is to implement smart integration. That is, one that will bring you reliable, high quality, and real-time data. Effective decision-making happens when data integration happens in real time or close to.

So, integration is clearly important. A lot forget about it until they run into problems that make them wish they already had an effective integration strategy in place. When a business does not see the importance of integration, it is easy to fall behind your competitors. A smart integration strategy can bring your business a competitive advantage and overall increased customer satisfaction.

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