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Mar 31, 2016

New Connector Highlight: Zendesk

Yes, that’s right, we’ve got a new connection to Zendesk and we’re pretty excited about it! Zendesk is an awesome cloud-based software that provides a solution for customer support and service. One of the best parts is that Zendesk integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) tools, web apps, and content management systems (CMS).  

The idea that Zendesk integrates with several of these different tools makes solving customer service issues more efficient because you can track all customer data in one place. More customer data means better business intelligence, making Zendesk a great integration to work with in Slemma as well.

Zendesk holds weekly webinars (so does Slemma!) in which they speak about customer service. Also, every month they invite industry thought-leaders to join them in their webinars. They feature several case studies from companies and businesses that already use their service, so you can see how they have helped others along the way.

Another great feature about Zendesk is you can customize the look and feel of your support center to match your company or business. Zendesk has a whole suite of tools to help you effectively understand and communicate with your customers. Ultimately, they are using “data-driven insights to help organizations build better long-term relationships with their customers.” That to us, seems like a great business plan!

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