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Mar 7, 2016

Company Spotlight: Fivetran

These days data packaging and self-service cloud analytics are quickly becoming a reality. That means the path to empowering a non-technical individual to transport data into a cloud-based environment with ease is right around the corner. There has been an emergence of simple solutions that do away with the complexity of the extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data pipeline process. In turn, allowing business users to easily dump their data into warehouses and cloud databases.

One of these new key players is Fivetran. A tool built to automate data synchronization from popular databases like MySQL, APIs like Salesforce, and CSV files; and then loading it into Amazon Redshift. The outcome: end users are given a serious amount of power over the data they work with.

Why is Fivetran Important?
Fivetran handles all data integration for you so that your BI tool can draw from a single warehouse of data that is consistently updated. Their setup is really fast and easy too, which adds to the allure.

Fivetran’s middleware speeds up the process of extracting and warehousing your data into Amazon Redshift, so you can focus on analyzing it in your favorite business intelligence tool like Slemma.

Being able to analyze your data to make better business decisions is important. Because Slemma allows you to create visualizations without coding knowledge, pairing up these data-driven tools would be beneficial. You can work with your data faster than ever before by integrating a data warehouse in your BI tool.

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