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Jan 27, 2016

The 7 Most Important Metrics for Service Desk Performance Monitoring

We discuss the Key Performance Indicators for Service Desks why they are important!
The goal of a good dashboard is to get a complete overview of the subject matter with as few metrics as possible. A bunch of charts that are only marginally valuable doesn't help anybody! What you want is a minimal amount of charts that can signal the need for deeper analysis. When you see something is wrong, that's when you go to your in depth dashboards and do some digging.
The following KPI's are from a MetricNet report. MetricNet is an awesome company that provides benchmarks, allowing companies to know just how well they stack up against the industry standard.

Cost per Contact

Cost per Contact or Cost per Call, is the total operating costs divided by the number of calls serviced during a given period. The objective of this metric is to give you a window into the efficiency of your operation. Can you lower Cost per Call while maintaining a acceptable customer service rating? 

Customer Satisfaction

If this seems obvious, it's because it is! Efficiency and customer satisfaction are arguably the most important aspects of help desk monitoring. You cannot have an overview dashboard without this metric. 

First Contact Resolution

According to the research done over at MetricNet, FCR has the highest correlation between customer satisfaction out of any metric. Anything you can do to raise this metric will have a marked effect on customer satisfaction. 
Increased training, investments in your knowledge base, and agent incentives can all be factors in increasing this metric. 

Agent Utilization

This metric is a measure of agent efficiency. Of course this is important because it affects your bottom line! If agent utilization is too low, then perhaps you have too many agents. If it is too high, perhaps you have to invest in training or hire more. 

First Level Resolution Rate

This is an additional expenditure efficiency metric. Combined with Cost per Contact, this will ensure that your agents are not prematurely sending calls up the support ladder. 

Higher support levels are inherently more expensive to use than the call center. Depending on the way your call center is organized, agents might actually be incentivized to not handle the problem themselves. 

Agent Satisfaction

Agent satisfaction impacts every aspect of your department.

"High levels of Agent Satisfaction lead to lower turnover, lower absenteeism, lower handle times, and higher First Contact Resolution rates."

You can raise this metric via training, incentive programs, career pathing, and non-monetary perks. 

Aggregated Overview Metric

The last metric touted by MetricNet is their own. Using a weighted calculation with all the metrics above, the seek to create an overall score for the health of your help desk. Feel free to visit their report for the details on their Balanced Scorecard metric. 
I express skepticism at the ability of this metric to provide anything but a comparison between you and other companies. Relying on this for monitoring allow problems to hide for longer than necessary. 

We hope you have enjoyed this overview of help desk monitoring best practices! Feel free to email us at or send us a message in-app. We are always around to help :) 

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