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Jan 20, 2016

Product Update Jan, 16th

We explore some of the new features available in the latest Slemma update!

Updated Chart Creation

As you know, we are always looking for ways to improve the user experience. We have improved the chart creation to become more intuitive and uncluttered. Now, instead of having all of the chart types listed, the subcategories of charts become available along the natural user flow. 

Creating charts with multiple metrics has been simplified and more chart customization options are available within the chart editor itself (rather than having to go back to the dashboard view).

Flat and Multidimensional Integrations

Slemma's multidimensional engine allows users to slice and dice the data extremely easily, without having to write queries. However, our tool is not just for the non-developer but for the developer also. That is why we have added Flat integrations.
 These integrations will require a SQL query to be written for each chart like more traditional BI tools. When working with large datasets, these charts will render faster, however, have less interactivity.

Customized Controls

New options with Controls allow you to create links between different datasources so a single Control will filter charts in the dashboard, even if they are from a different dataset.
Select the common dimension and the new Control will filter all of the appropriate charts.  

SQL filters allow you to write queries to create Controls. For example, you could pull the emails of your users to create a filter with the option to select each users' email address. 

New Connectors

We have two new connectors now available in this month's update:
Salesforce: Mainly known for its CRM solution, Salesforce helps companies of all sizes convert leads to sales and reduce churn.
New Relic: An application performance management solution, New Relic allows companies to pinpoint problems with their application in real time.


Single charts are now under the Reports tab. Instead of clicking new dashboard and selecting the 'Single Chart' format, you will go to the Reports tab and press New Report. 

Faster Chart Creation and Optimized GA Connector

Changes to the back end of our service have allowed us to increase the average speed of chart rendering! Because the Google Analytics connector is so popular, we have also been able to update it specifically. 

Renaming Legends

Hurray! You can now rename the legend names right from chart editing. Select the series >> select Alias >> and enter the new name.
We hope that you are as excited for these new updates as we are! Feel free to message us in-app or shoot us an email at

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