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Jan 21, 2016

Introducing: Slemma for the Classroom!

We discuss the details of Slemma for the Classroom. A brand new program designed to help teachers and professors teach students about data visualization and data analytics. 
We believe that understanding and working with data will become essential in the very near future. Personal budgeting, fitness and wellness data, personal productivity information, and investment performance will all be tracked and visualized by the individual.
Slemma is the easiest data visualization tool on the market, built specifically for non-developers, so we are perfectly placed to take advantage of this trend. To that end, we want to help empower students to become more data-driven in their personal and professional lives.

What It Is and How It Works

The Slemma for the Classroom program is designed to put Slemma in the hands of teachers as a way for them to collect assignments, provide feedback, and encourage data science in their students.
Teachers will be able to create teams for each one of their class rosters. Students can share datasets, collaborate on dashboards, comment and receive feedback from peers and faculty, and, finally, turn in dashboards and reports for evaluation.

Slemma is distributing keys to entire classrooms for FREE!

In return, all that we ask for is a 20 minute (minimum) screencast tutorial to be posted online. The tutorial will be about the Slemma itself, instructions for the students on using the tool for their project, or an exploration of a specific feature in-depth.
Although the video does not necessarily have to cater to the average user, there should be value beyond the individual class’ needs to the needs of the general user base.

Application and Verification Process

As expected, there will be an application and verification process to receive the keys to ensure that the applicant is actually a teacher/professor of a classroom.
To apply, send an email to with the subject line “Application for Slemma for the Classroom.”
The email should include your school name, class size, purposed use of Slemma, and any other information pertaining to the use of the program. We reserve the right to deny any applicant acceptance into this program.
After this initial step, the screencast will need to be provided and approved as well as a waiver signed (granting Slemma permission to share the video for promotional purposes). No students under the age of 18 should participate in the making of the tutorial.
After all of the above has been completed, Slemma will upgrade the teacher/professor’s account to the proper number of seats!
We hope you are as excited about this as we are! Email us soon to take advantage!

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