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Dec 16, 2015

Slemma + Heroku Data Clips = Awesome

We explore the possibilities of combining Heroku Data Clips and Slemma to create versatile and powerful dashboards. 

So… What’s a Data Clip?

On all Heroku Postgress databases, users have the ability to create Heroku Data Clips. Heroku designed these make sharing data inside a database extremely easy.
“When we share information on the Internet, we do so by sharing URLs….That's why we're introducing Data Clips. They are a fast and easy way to unlock the data in your database in the form of a secure URL.”
You can read all about Data Clips here on the Heroku blog. 

How to Use Data Clips

Within Slemma there are two ways to use Data Clips. 
  • Integrate with Google Sheets. Feed your Data Clip data into Google Sheets. Then, connect Slemma to that file to create automatically updating dashboards.
  • Upload the data through the URL. To do this, simply paste your Data Clip under the File by URL tab. The data will now be uploaded to Slemma as if it were a CSV. 
When you create an Integration in Slemma, you can then share it with your team. This empowers your team to create datasets, run SQL queries and generally gives them freedom to do analytics. But what if you wish to restrict their freedom?
Data Clips are a great way to do this! You can give them access to these datasets and they will have the ability to edit the data source but not have access to anything else. They won’t be able to see other tables in the database or change the query upon which the Data Clip is built. 

The Results

Ok so you’ve got your Data Clip, what does Slemma add?
  1. Run a single query then aggregate, filter, order, and slice the resulting data inside Slemma just the way you want.
  2. Data Clips are a great way to reduce refresh time.
  3. Use Data Clips to build dashboards for specific customers. Share the data with them to let them explore it with Slemma too!
  4. Take advantage of all the charts we offer, easily share dashboards, never be restricted again and experience unparalleled customization. 
Luke Freeman from Sendle, a parcel delivery service in Australia, is using Data Clips to great effect! Here’s what he has to say about the combination:
“To speed things up I've started to rebuild our reports with specific dataclips with already grouped/manipulated data. That way [we] can combine the powerful and flexible capabilities of dataclips SQL queries with the wonderful visualisations that Slemma produces. Our whole team visits our Slemma reports daily and we have summaries automatically emailed to us.”
We hope you found this useful and, as always, Happy Dashboarding!

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