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Nov 25, 2015

Product Update ~ Nov. 25

Explore the newest features and changes to Slemma from the latest update!


Integrations offer a simplified way to create and share datasets in Slemma. In order to create new datasets from connectors in previous versions, it was necessary to know the credentials for the accounts. If you were not an admin, this could cause some annoyance when editors needed to create new datasets. 
With Integrations, admins can create Integrations once and then share them with the team. The team and then individually create and share datasets. So long as you have the credentials to that which you need to connect, you can create an integration and share it with the team for them to create datasets. 
Heres how you do it:

First, head over to your Integrations tab and click New Integration.
On the left of the following page, you will choose the category of integration in which you are interested. Select an integration and enter the required credentials. This integration can then be shared with your team or individuals so they can use it to create datasets. 
Head over to your Datasets tab and click New Dataset. On the left of the following page, you will see the list of integrations above the standard sources. Select an integration and you will see all of the datasets inside regardless if you have the credentials of the source or not. Pretty great right?!

New Charts

We are continually adding new chart types to Slemma and this update is no different!

Donuts with Totals

This chart type creates the standard donut chart but automatically adds the total to the middle. This eliminates several steps from creating this setup.

Column Table

On occasion, some of our users would like to have the raw data displayed in their dashboards. Inserting a Column Table allows you to do just that!

Line Chart with Markers

This chart is a modification on the standard line chart. Allows users to easily see the data points displayed in the chart. 

New Connectors

Just like adding new customization and chart types, we are committed to connecting to more and more data sources! You can now make Integrations and data sources from the following solutions. 
Box: Box provides secure content storage and sharing for business allowing them to keep sensitive information out of email. 
Amazon Cloud Drive: Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud storage system that you can access from any device. 
Presto: Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes ranging from gigabytes to petabytes.

Updated UI

One of our biggest competitive advantages is our superior user interface. Time and time again customers tell us how the UI and look of other tools cannot compete :)
That’s not to say we're getting comfortable! This update comes with more tweaks to the interface including a new look to the homepage and reorganized chart creation.
What do you like about the changes? We would love to hear from you! Send us a message in Slemma or an email at Happy dashboarding!

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