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Aug 4, 2015

8 Ways to Promote Your Data Visualizations and Research

Techniques for increasing the reach of your visualization and making sure that your amazing work gets scene!
  1. Share on your personal networks.
Whatever you do, don’t create new profiles just to share! It will take you much longer to get started without a base upon which to springboard.
The easiest way that you can promote your work is to take advantage of your existing circles! These individuals are already interested in the same things you are. Make use of this to get more shares.

  1. Post to /r/dataisbeautiful
You might be finding that only the visualization community is sharing your work. Because so many layman follow /r/dataisbeautiful, it can be a great place to reach out into the great beyond. In addition, reddit is a great place for bloggers to test out the popularity of their topics. You will quickly be able to tell if more dedication to this subject will pay off.
Also, every visualization is automatically tweeted by the subreddit. Several large accounts instantly retweet which allows you to increase your reach.

/r/Visualization is also available for those who wish to get feedback on a visualization. This community will help you find the best way to present your data.
  1. Make it more than data
It has been said that data speaks for itself. But remember, not everyone is as adept at reading data as you are! If you are sharing a dashboard and not just a png, be sure to add some commentary. People are more likely to stay longer and absorb the meaning of your data if you lay it out for them.
  1. Become a Contributor to
There are many, many different blogs and lists on the internet to which you can share your work. Dadaviz, however, is amongst the best. The site dedicates itself to the sharing of visualizations and has a streamlined way of doing so.
Every submission is tweeted by the blog, yet another way to expand your reach.
  1. Share to the Slemma Gallery
Slemma dashboards can be added to the Slemma Gallery! Go to your dashboard, click share >> enable public sharing >> Publish to Slemma Gallery. This is a great way for you to take part in our growing community. @slemmahq picks out and shares exceptional additions.

  1. Follow Existing Channels
To discover existing channels for your dataviz, first find creators of similar work. You can message them directly for feedback and/or ask them to share. If the subject excites them, they will have no problem sharing your work as well!
Furthermore, reach out to those who shared that creator's visualization. In this way, you can piggy-back on pre-existing channels.
  1. Take Part in the Community
Whenever you post on any forums, you will be creating a relationship between you and the view. Always go back to your posts and take part in the conversation! This will make people feel included and also encourage others to get involved as well.
The more interactive the experience the more likely it is your viewers will share.
  1. Post Smart
Just like any social media sharing, there exists best practices.
    1. Include a png of the most interesting chart if a preview is not created automatically.
    2. Tailor the accompanying text for each network.
    3. Mention direct influencers of your work and take advantage of hashtags and labels.
    4. Ask your friends to share to their networks.
    5. Don’t be afraid to share more than once! 5 times for original content is a good rule of thumb.

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